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Minister: Revd Richard S Brooks

  • We are a company of Christians, of different ages, backgrounds and occupations, who have been meeting together in Darley Dale since the end of November 2005. The covenanting body of founding members was constituted on Lord’s Day evening, 22 January 2006.
  • We are an independent evangelical church, free from any denominational ties or formal associations, but taking great pleasure in the fellowship of the Lord’s people.
  • We desire in all things to exist solely to the glory of God, worshipping him, serving him, delighting ourselves in him, proclaiming his word and gospel, and making him known to those around us.
  • We seek to worship God reverently, according to scriptural principles, giving priority to preaching and applying the word of God, and using Christian Worship (which includes a full metrical psalter) for our sung praise.
  • We are very aware of our weakness in ourselves and our need for reliance upon our all-sufficient God – and, the Lord being our helper, we aspire to be the holy, praying, loving, welcoming, believing and witnessing people that he would have us be.

You are warmly invited to attend our services, whether you live locally or further afield, or are holidaying in the area.